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Academic Expectations

SUSI programs are a mix of academic classroom work and applied experiences. Our classroom work will focus on the public policy-making process at the local, state, and national levels in the U.S. with special emphasis on education, public finance, and the rule of law. 

All program participants are expected to attend each scheduled class. Illness reported to one of the graduate mentors for appropriate handling is the only valid reason for missing a class or the other regularly scheduled activities such as volunteer time, off-campus field trips, and group social events. However, the schedule does identify a number of events as “optional,” and has the equivalent of one afternoon per week designated as free time.  This time may be used for personal study or recreation as you wish.

Participants should complete the assigned readings in the syllabus before each class. Classes are not intended to be all lectures by the instructor. Each instructor will be requested to leave time for questions and discussion. Effective discussion and good questions require preparation on the students’ part.

You must be on time for classes and other activities. Classes begin and end at the times indicated in the daily schedule. It is considered rude to enter a classroom after the instructor has begun. Cell phones and other personal electronics must be turned off during class. Similarly, it is essential that everyone be ready to board transportation to the various scheduled activities at the time indicated.