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Casual attire is normal for both genders in Carbondale. You also will want some light recreational clothing and comfortable shoes for field trips, exercise, and sightseeing. Most days in June and July in our area are warm. But a light jacket is also recommended. Some evenings may be cool. Casual clothing also will be acceptable for the visit to Springfield and Chicago. Men should bring a coat and tie or equivalent traditional dress, and women a dress or skirt and blouse or equivalent traditional dress, for the trip to Washington, D.C. and several more formal events on campus.

Fresh bed linen will be supplied several times per week for each room in the residence hall. Each room will be equipped with towels and blanket, a cell phone with prepaid minutes, a microwave/refrigerator unit, clock, and reading light. The residence hall has several large common areas with cable television, wireless internet access, and laundry facilities. The U.S. relies on alternating current, 60 cycles, 110 volts. If you bring electrical equipment (such as hair dryer, shaver, iron, or computer) be certain it is compatible, or bring an adapter.

Be sure to bring an adequate supply of any prescription medicines you take and an extra pair of eyeglasses if you wear them. And if you have health insurance from your home country which covers travel in the U.S., be certain to bring documentation. You should carry these items with you on the plane, not in your checked baggage.

You probably should “pack light” for your trip to the U.S. All of our previous groups have acquired a great deal during their time here. We do have a $250 allowance per person in our program to ship materials home, but this is often used up on books and other academic materials. Airline fees for excess baggage becomes expensive after two bags.